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Thursday, July 15, 2010


One of the first things we did after moving to this house at the very end of March was build a raised bed so that I could get my veggies going. My humble little garden was not helped along by our cold, dreary, and seemingly endless spring weather. I made novice mistakes, putting out plants when it was still too cold. A pepper plant was lost as a result.

But summer really is hear now, and things have begun to perk up. One of my favorite things about veggie gardening is that when we want a salad, I simply go outside and pick an assortment of greens. Silas, as always, is my little helper.

He is very keen on picking peas and will eat them with gusto, pod and all.
We aren't the only ones who like to hang out in our garden:
Expect more garden-related postings as the veggie yield continues...

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Grandma G said...

Great pictures! I just picked our 1st tomato--Heirloom Caspian Pink with wonderful flavor! It was planted in honor of you G.Grandfather's Russian birth (Ukraine). Gardening is such fun--and I hope to get your pizza recipe when we visit Silas. Would you like some of our raspberry plantings--they grow like crazy even in Wisconsin. Love & Stuff, Grandma G.