Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And...he's done!

 Silas' last day of preschool was on Monday.  I won't lie:  It made me a bit sad.  Drew, on the other hand, was elated, and Silas only cared about the fact that he'll be going to camp there later this summer.  In his mind, it's not really over till camp ends.  I asked him how all of his classmates felt about it being the last day. Were they sad, did they hug, that sort of thing.

"I laughed when the girls cried,"  he responded.

"That's a habit you should rid yourself of before you're a teenager," I told him.  "Would you laugh if "A" (the girl he has a crush on) was crying?

"No, I'd NEVER do that!" he declared most adamantly.  Well, that's something, at least.

The first four pictures are from the sing-along last week. Videos are on Facebook, if you care to see them.
 He wrote out his whole name on his crown, which, due to our bleeding-heart- hippie-hyphenated family name,  ended up overlapping and somewhat illegible. But it is a grand crown, none-the-less.
 Silas' friend "I" is a riot.  You have to see the videos for the full effect, but this kid has a future on stage.
 Fast-forward to Monday.  Silas asked Drew to take pictures of his classroom.  So, these are for you, Silas!

Here he is, looking sadder than he was willing to admit. Circle area:
 Loft and the imaginative play area:

 Art and exploration tables:
 The volcano his class built:
Next stop...Kindergarten/!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smoke Farm Excursion

Mother's Day was spent at Smoke Farm, Northeast of Arlington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

A hike through tree tree stands and large open fields led to...

 ...the Stillaguamish River.  Boys and sticks:

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day :) Smoke Farm was awesome.  We are hoping to return and camp up there in August for their lo-fi art festival.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Tea Party 2012

Pictures from this year's Mother's Day Tea at Silas' school: 

The table was set by the children (and the food prepared by them as well.  Silas made me a place-mat that said "Silas' Mom." There's also a sheet in which Silas answered questions about his mom.

This is the Muppet's Tour Van that Silas created for his classmates.  Underneath is a sheet the teacher's made in which all of the children tall about what they would do and see while traveling on the tour bus.
 Silas and one of his friends.  Beautiful kids:

They made a path through  the garden outside of school and explored.

We are getting out of town for Mother's Day today so that I won't be tempted to spend the day doing yard work.  
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today's Preschool Science lesson

 This is the conversation I had with Silas upon his return from preschool today:

Silas: Mom, I need sodium bicarbonate.
Me: What now?
Silas: Sodium bicarbonate.
Me: Us lay-people usually call it "baking soda."
Silas: Get me sodium bicarbonate.  I need it.
Silas: Please!
 Silas then goes and gets the volcano he and his dad made together last year.
Me: What else do you need to make it explode?
Silas: Vinegar.
I get him vinegar to accompany the baking soda.
Silas: Also water.
He goes and gets some water, then proceeds to experiment pouring/scooping different quantities of each substance into the volcano.
Silas: I'm making Crater Lake (in Oregon).
Me: Does adding water make it more or less bubbly?
Silas: Less.
Me: What makes it more bubbly?
Silas: Vinegar added to sodium bicarbonate.
Me: Okay!

I guess his teacher was right when she said we should encourage him in science.  Maybe we'll work on DNA sequencing next.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Generosity

The Easter Bunny came this year and, as per tradition, hid eggs around the house.  Welcome spring, everybody!

Easter 2012 shall forever more be remembered as the day we managed to find and fix not one, but two bad leaks in our water line, and, thanks to the generosity of the PUD technician, did not have to hire a plumber, spending only $5 for a replacement part.  In fact, we've felt very grateful lately for the kindness of strangers, as well as for the generosity of neighbors.  We are feeling the love!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Whole Hand!

 Would you like to see how Silas celebrated his 5th birthday on the 16th?  Yes?  Well, then, read on.
I took off of work so that we could have a family day.

Ready to head out for a birthday breakfast:

We let him open a present at the cafe.
Several weeks ago, he came to me with the request that I make him a Wicked Witch of the West for Christmas. Apparently, he'd forgotten that his birthday was coming up and that birthdays were a gift-getting opportunity on par with Christmas.  Needless to say, he was quite surprised when he pulled her out of the gift bag.
We took him to see The Lorax in the afternoon (and he's been running around yelling "I speak for the trees" ever since), and then came home to prepare for company.  A small gathering of friends and nieghbors, who helped us celebrate. Ever the proper host, Silas made sure our guests were well entertained.

 Silas insisted on playing his new guitar (thanks Kevin and Bethany!) and singing the Happy Birthday song to himself.  G accompanying him on bongos.

Silas would like you to know the following about this image: "I am playing the Wizard of Oz.  G is Dorothy and she is coming to ask me to get her back to Kansas."
 More music...
 That about wraps up the big day.  I did take some pictures from his school celebration, so expect those posted sometime before his 6th birthday.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Trains,French Villas, and Japanese Gardens

 Back in December, we took Silas to see the model train display at The Blodel Reserve. Not surprisingly, he really really loved it.

He even got to talk to the conductor and help fix a problem with one of the trains.

The houses were incredible pieces of handicraft in and of themselves, though they couldn't hold a candle to the trains, in Silas' eyes.

We walked back from the train exhibit at the big house via the Japanese Garden.

Drew explained to Silas how they rake the Zen garden.

Blodel is always beautiful, year round.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy days 2012

Don't you love snow days? In the Pacific Northwest, land of mild rainy winters, snow is a rarity, and snow that accumulates rather than melting when it hits the ground is usually a once a winter event, if it happens at all. So when it snows this much, no one goes anywhere.  The schools, the county, everything just shuts down.  I, for one, love it. Those of you from the snowier realms may scoff at us as we hunker down and cancel school for the amount of snow you see above.  In Wisconsin, this would be an average snowfall and life would continue as usual.  But this isn't Wisconsin, and trust me, all it takes is one winter in the Pacific Northwest to change your tune.  There are three factors at work, the way I see it:
 1. Snow happens so rarely, there aren't enough plows to handle clearing all of the roads.  The bulk of the snowfall happened early this morning, and our road still hasn't been plowed, despite the fact that we live a block away from an elementary school (the school driveway hasn't been touched either). For the most part, we all just wait for the snow to melt.  Some roads do get plowed, and some do get sanded/salted, but back roads, most neighborhoods? Forget about it.

2. We have hills. Lots and lots of hills. I took my main route home from work last winter up Lincoln hill on a snowy day, and I thought I was going to die. There were cars spun out into ditches all around me.  I remember lots of ice in Wisconsin, and sliding on said ice, but I didn't have to face elevation gains and dips anywhere near the magnitude we have here.  It makes winter driving about 10 times as dangerous (and then imagine those icy hilly roads without salt or snow plows).

3. Drivers are snow-challenged.  When you live someplace with the chance of snow 8 months out of the year, you learn how to drive in it.  When you live someplace with snow maybe once a year, eh, not so much.  I'm even afraid I've lost my winter driving edge, having now lived here for 8 + years.
 So there you have it.  We were all home today, and it looks like there won't be work or school for us tomorrow either. You will get no complaints from me.  Silas is happy.  We took him sledding today and he was scared and thrilled simultaneously.

Something even rarer than snow, icicles:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

I think it's safe to say that Silas was more excited for this Christmas than every before. He's at that golden age when the sweet anticipation of Santa's arrival is at it's purest.

Silas left out the obligatory plate of cookies, which was soon joined by a steaming cup of coffee (gotta keep Santa awake while he assembles that puppet theater).

Surprisingly, the first thing Silas noticed was not the ginormous quilt-wrapped present behind him, but the shop vac Santa graciously bestowed upon his mom and dad (thanks Santa! You are so practical).

The coveted orange. He asked for one every year.  Not like we don't eat oranges pretty much every day this time of year, but I guess there's just something special about the ones Santa grows up in the North Pole. Santa also fills our stockings with nuts.  He is very traditional in that way :)

Santa also hides things in the tree each year for Silas to find.  How fun is that?

Finding the treasures in his stocking next to the warm glow of the pellet stove.

Hooray for puppets and puppet theaters!

This kid is a performer at heart.  Our goal with this year's gift giving was to acknowledge and nurture this side of him.  We have already seen a number of shows and can't wait for what this creative kid comes up with next.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to Silas' puppet Christmas.  You may just be witnessing the emergence of the next Jim Henson.

We spent both Christmas eve and Christmas afternoon with Patrick.  Patrick and Silas even hung out for a while so that Drew and I could go to a Christmas day Yoga class (thanks Patrick!).

Later that day, at Patrick's, Grandma and Papa got to watch Silas open their gifts.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good 2012!