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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One drunken night in Vegas

Silas: I have a wife.

Me: Oh, really?

Silas: Yeah!

Me: What's her name?

Silas: I don't know, I'll have to ask her.

Monday, June 28, 2010

If I ever...

During cuddle time yesterday:

Silas: If I ever say "I don't love you" ...I DO love you. I DO love you.

It was as though he had time-traveled into the future, glimpsed his teenage years, and knew I might need some sort of reassurance.

I will try to remember those words, Silas, in ten years time. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire house fun fair, Father's day...

The camera was in black n white mode this weekend. You may recall that Silas is a fire fighter enthusiast. We took him to the pancake breakfast last fall, and yesterday, we took him to the Fire House fun fair.
We took a walk down our block in the afternoon.
Then it was back to the homestead:
For Father's day, I suggested we head up to Port Townsend, as we have done in the past. But Drew said he'd rather tackle this:
Once we get the rest of the shed taken down and the land cleared, we'll have more room for gardening, and a play set for Si. But before that work get's underway, we're off to brunch!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's officially sun glasses weather! For how long, I don't know. But while the sun's here, we'll take it! The pics are from a walk we took down to the waterfront of our town last weekend.

Happy summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turtle, Gnome, Goof

I've been reading a lot lately (from real honest-to-goodness printed paper-based books). Also, both the librarian and the mommy jobs are keeping me quite busy at the moment, there's the garden to attend to, a house guest on her way, yarn to knit, bread to bake... you get the point. As a result, this blog has been showing signs of neglect. I think the blog can deal, and I hope, dear readers, that you won't mind the occasional lapses in posting either. Perhaps a few pics of the goofy boy will help. Picture number 1: Silas wants to be a turtle more than he wants to get his pajamas on. Lucky for him, there's an empty hamper and a camera nearby. Picture number 2: Silas doesn't understand that a manila envelop is an envelop. He calls it a hat, places it on his head...hilarity ensues.

Till next time...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June '10 book of the month

Introducing the Planet Silas June '10 Book of the Month:

Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies

On a night when the moon can grow no fatter, bats pack their moon-tan lotion and baskets of buggy treats and fly off for some fun on the beach.

This is the second time in as many months that we’ve checked this title out from the library. Uproariously funny, Bats at the Beach is a total score for any kid who finds grossness the highest form of humor. The bats roast bug-mallows, munch on salted 'skeeters, and hit the snack shack for desert, where they are sure to find a few delicious moths fluttering about. “Eeeewww grody!” Silas will laugh, “And bats like to eat slugs too!”

The charm of this book extends beyond bugs-as-food jokes, however. The idea of bats flying off to the beach for a midnight picnic is so novel, and the rollicking rhymes so playful and upbeat, you can’t help but want to crash the bat’s party. They certainly know how to have a good time, from digging sand caves to sailing in the wing-boat races; although, if you're not keen on eating food with 6 legs, you may want to bring your own vittles.

Not only is this book on Silas’ current list of favorites, but due to our recent run-in with our own pair of bats, discovered when we began dismantling an out-building on our property, it is a timely choice as well.

Silas’ interest in bats was piqued by his close proximity to the real thing, and this book was actually a nice way to introduce the idea that bats are worthy of our respect. They eat bugs at enormous rates, after all, and although we are happy that our pair decided to move out of our shed so that demolition could continue, we are still hoping they haven’t gone far.

So, in honor of our little brown bats, and, in the hopes that beach season is right around the corner, I give you, our June BOTM.