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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turtle, Gnome, Goof

I've been reading a lot lately (from real honest-to-goodness printed paper-based books). Also, both the librarian and the mommy jobs are keeping me quite busy at the moment, there's the garden to attend to, a house guest on her way, yarn to knit, bread to bake... you get the point. As a result, this blog has been showing signs of neglect. I think the blog can deal, and I hope, dear readers, that you won't mind the occasional lapses in posting either. Perhaps a few pics of the goofy boy will help. Picture number 1: Silas wants to be a turtle more than he wants to get his pajamas on. Lucky for him, there's an empty hamper and a camera nearby. Picture number 2: Silas doesn't understand that a manila envelop is an envelop. He calls it a hat, places it on his head...hilarity ensues.

Till next time...

1 comment:

Lil mama Karen said...

Great pictures.
Silas looks like he likes to cheese it up for the camera.
We miss you out here in blog land but I understand that 'real life' comes first.