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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Whole Hand!

 Would you like to see how Silas celebrated his 5th birthday on the 16th?  Yes?  Well, then, read on.
I took off of work so that we could have a family day.

Ready to head out for a birthday breakfast:

We let him open a present at the cafe.
Several weeks ago, he came to me with the request that I make him a Wicked Witch of the West for Christmas. Apparently, he'd forgotten that his birthday was coming up and that birthdays were a gift-getting opportunity on par with Christmas.  Needless to say, he was quite surprised when he pulled her out of the gift bag.
We took him to see The Lorax in the afternoon (and he's been running around yelling "I speak for the trees" ever since), and then came home to prepare for company.  A small gathering of friends and nieghbors, who helped us celebrate. Ever the proper host, Silas made sure our guests were well entertained.

 Silas insisted on playing his new guitar (thanks Kevin and Bethany!) and singing the Happy Birthday song to himself.  G accompanying him on bongos.

Silas would like you to know the following about this image: "I am playing the Wizard of Oz.  G is Dorothy and she is coming to ask me to get her back to Kansas."
 More music...
 That about wraps up the big day.  I did take some pictures from his school celebration, so expect those posted sometime before his 6th birthday.