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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

I think it's safe to say that Silas was more excited for this Christmas than every before. He's at that golden age when the sweet anticipation of Santa's arrival is at it's purest.

Silas left out the obligatory plate of cookies, which was soon joined by a steaming cup of coffee (gotta keep Santa awake while he assembles that puppet theater).

Surprisingly, the first thing Silas noticed was not the ginormous quilt-wrapped present behind him, but the shop vac Santa graciously bestowed upon his mom and dad (thanks Santa! You are so practical).

The coveted orange. He asked for one every year.  Not like we don't eat oranges pretty much every day this time of year, but I guess there's just something special about the ones Santa grows up in the North Pole. Santa also fills our stockings with nuts.  He is very traditional in that way :)

Santa also hides things in the tree each year for Silas to find.  How fun is that?

Finding the treasures in his stocking next to the warm glow of the pellet stove.

Hooray for puppets and puppet theaters!

This kid is a performer at heart.  Our goal with this year's gift giving was to acknowledge and nurture this side of him.  We have already seen a number of shows and can't wait for what this creative kid comes up with next.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to Silas' puppet Christmas.  You may just be witnessing the emergence of the next Jim Henson.

We spent both Christmas eve and Christmas afternoon with Patrick.  Patrick and Silas even hung out for a while so that Drew and I could go to a Christmas day Yoga class (thanks Patrick!).

Later that day, at Patrick's, Grandma and Papa got to watch Silas open their gifts.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good 2012!

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