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Monday, December 19, 2011

Community Christmas Performance

 Silas got to participate in a small community Christmas performance on the 10th.  .

In the morning, the kids made snowflakes and paper chains to decorate the old school house, which is now the community center.


Performance time: Patrick came to watch!

Jingle Bells:

Who's that?

I thought for sure he would think this Santa was totally bogus, but nope.  All he cared about was that Santa had a present with his name on it.  And, it was a Wizard of Oz pop-up book, no less.  How did Santa know that we'd gone to see the Kitsap Children's Musical Theater performance of Wizard of Oz that very afternoon!  Wow!
Dorothy meets Glinda the Good and the Munchkins.  

Silas, fresh from the critical acclaim he received as "boy who brings Christmas cards to girl sitting in chair" in the community Christmas performance tells us that he does want to be in a KCMT production once he's old enough.  And when they do Wizard of Oz again, he's going to be the Tin Woodman.  I can see it :)

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