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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And...he's done!

 Silas' last day of preschool was on Monday.  I won't lie:  It made me a bit sad.  Drew, on the other hand, was elated, and Silas only cared about the fact that he'll be going to camp there later this summer.  In his mind, it's not really over till camp ends.  I asked him how all of his classmates felt about it being the last day. Were they sad, did they hug, that sort of thing.

"I laughed when the girls cried,"  he responded.

"That's a habit you should rid yourself of before you're a teenager," I told him.  "Would you laugh if "A" (the girl he has a crush on) was crying?

"No, I'd NEVER do that!" he declared most adamantly.  Well, that's something, at least.

The first four pictures are from the sing-along last week. Videos are on Facebook, if you care to see them.
 He wrote out his whole name on his crown, which, due to our bleeding-heart- hippie-hyphenated family name,  ended up overlapping and somewhat illegible. But it is a grand crown, none-the-less.
 Silas' friend "I" is a riot.  You have to see the videos for the full effect, but this kid has a future on stage.
 Fast-forward to Monday.  Silas asked Drew to take pictures of his classroom.  So, these are for you, Silas!

Here he is, looking sadder than he was willing to admit. Circle area:
 Loft and the imaginative play area:

 Art and exploration tables:
 The volcano his class built:
Next stop...Kindergarten/!

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