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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, July 12, 2010

In which Silas makes pizza

Last night, Silas made pizza. He cut the veggies:
We rolled out the dough together, and then Si put on the toppings:
It turned out delicious!
Thanks for your help, Silas!


Lil mama Karen said...

Looks yummy :)
I think that we might just have to make some pizza this week also. I would love to load it down with all those veggies but neither the hubby nor the little man are to fond of lots of veggies. I just have to sneak them into the sauce because there is more than one way to milk a cow :)

Congrats on 10 years of marriage!!!

Randy and Nickie said...

Hey Silas,
Will you make some pizza for us when we come to see you? Looks really yummy!
Love you,
Grandma and Papa