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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let the gardening begin!

Despite the fact that we just bought a house and moved in just a month ago, I really wanted to jump on the veggie-gardening train and not miss out on it this year. So, Drew was kind enough to build me my first raised bed, which has now been completely planted (well, most likely, over planted). Since we are building over grass, I just put down cardboard (we have no shortage of that, for some reason :) and threw the top soil over it. The cardboard will biodegrade and kill the grass at the same time. Perfect!

I needed a bit more room than what one 4x6 bed could fit, however, and I got an idea from Mother Earth News to get some bags of topsoil, punch holes in them and sow seeds. It's working brilliantly so far. The only downside is that it involves plastic, which does not biodegrade. Not a fan. But, it will kill the grass, and next year, the 4 top soil bags will become raised bed #2 (and there will be a #3 and #4 eventually).

I'll post more about the garden as spring progresses. So far, there are lots of sprouts!

1 comment:

Lil mama Karen said...

What a wonderful garden you are going to have. Not much tate better than homegrown freshly picked vegetables.
I am looking forword to enjoying all of our vegetables this year. Hopefully growing vegetables will help the little man eat a few more. One can only hope.