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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May '10 Book of the Month

Introducing the Planet Silas May '10 Book of the Month:

The Curious Garden By Peter Brown.

A little boy named Liam discovers a hidden garden and with careful tending spreads color throughout the gray city.

What a wonderful book to read in order to celebrate spring. I'm truly in love with this book and knew it had to be a BOTM (thanks for this gift, LeClairs!). The illustrations are wonderful, as is the story. Whenever we read this story, I point out to Silas that one little child is capable of producing such remarkable change. Liam begins this story in a city with no trees, plants, or flowers. But when he discovers a few sorry plants languishing on an abandoned railroad track, he makes a choice: to nurture them rather than let them die.

With just a bit of care, the garden takes over, exploring the railroad track throughout the city. Eventually, the garden grows beyond the track, onto rooftops, between buildings...anywhere it can. But what's more remarkable than the garden itself is that Liam's one small act is contagious. As the garden grows, so do other people's desires to help it spread and flourish. Before you know it, every available space is bursting with life, and the people, no longer prisoners in their gray city, are transformed along with their city. All because of one little boy.

When Silas helps me plant seeds and work the soil, I think of this book and hope that Liam's choice to to good in the world will be his choice as well.

I hope your gardens are beginning to burst forth with life. Happy Spring!

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Glad you love the book as much as we do! :)