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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Preparedness Checklist

Trip to the pumpkin patch. check.
Turning a pumpkins into a jack-o-lantern. check.
Jack-o-lantern checklist added note: It was a family effort. Drew scooped out the stringy stuff and seeds and then roasted the seeds. I did the oh-so-elegant carving, and Silas held the top for us so that it wouldn't get lost and also threw pieces of discarded pumpkin bits off of the deck.Back to the checklist:
Read "scary" stories, including "The spooky old tree" which grandma and pa sent. check.

Wear the cute Halloween pajamas that grandma G sent. check.
And finally,
Put the finishing touches on Si's costume. che--er, well, almost check. Let's just say, it will be ready to go by trick-or-treat time on Friday afternoon. We are ready for Halloween and can't wait!

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