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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Harvest fair and akebia fruit

Last weekend was sunny and warm--perfect weather for Bainbridge Island's annual Harvest Fair. There were goats, bunnies, and other farm animals, music, food, hay rides, and other fallsy activities. Si's favorite thing was to sit on this old tractor and pretend to drive. In fact, he really didn't understand why he had to get off of it so that other children could have a turn. "Sharing" has not quite entered his vocabulary yet.

The akebia vine growning on our garage was also displaying it's wierd fruit last weekend. I couldn't help but include a few pictures, since they are so beautifully odd when they open to reviel all of the tiny seeds tucked into the long cylindrical casing.
One expects perhaps an alien creature to emerge instead of such a benign plant...
Silas was very interested in them as well. Apparently the akebia fruit, which is native to Japan and Korea, is edible, though we've never partaken before.

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