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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the trail, and the bounty of October

The picture above shows the trail that's right across the street from our house. We walk on it often, and will be enjoying the big leaf maples as they begin to change color. Silas is always looking for mushrooms, which are becoming numerous as fall progresses.

Amazingly, we still have some strawberries growing in our patch. Silas always likes to stop to look for ripe ones, which are increasingly hard to find. With shorter, cooler days, the berries take much longer to ripen, and often get eaten by insects in the interim. We still manage to find a few! There are quite a number of huckleberries to be found near us as well, and our hard fruits like Asian pears and quinces, did quite nicely for us this year. So, even though we are getting on towards the end of October we are still managing to eat a few things from the garden.

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