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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08: Pumpkin Sprite!

Here's our little pumpkin sprite!
It took over a month to make his costume, but I think it was a success. I was worried at first because he wasn't too fond of wearing the hat. I lined it with flannel and then he agreed to wear it. In fact, he wore it for 4 hours without trying to take it off once!

In addition to the felted pumpkin hat and knit pants, I made a simple crocheted quiver for him to carry a stalk of Chinese lanterns on his back.

Here he is, running to the car so that we can go trick-or-treating downtown.
Being only 19 months old, Silas doesn't eat candy and we didn't want the temptation of having too much of it in the house, so while we did collect some, we largely wanted Silas to give something away instead. Seeing as though he was a pumpkin sprite, I got a bunch of tiny pumpkins for him to pass out. Our first stop was Cafe Trios where Silas gave away his first pumpkin of the evening to his favorite barista (apparently, in exchange for her phone, which he really did not want to give back).
Then, we hit Winslow Way (our main street), which was closed to traffic for trick-or-treat.
We saw lots of great costumes, and as the rain had stopped, there ended up being tons of people.
Here's our friend Carmen, with baby Ozma, dressed as a bat. So cute!

A good shot detailing the back of his costume:
Silas loves this fountain, which is right outside my favorite store, Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.
After trick-or-treat, we made one last stop at Shannon and Patrick's house. Silas gave away his last 2 pumpkins and posed for a few more pictures before calling it a night.
What a great Halloween! And if the pictures weren't enough, here's a short video too. Remember that if you click on the video and go to Youtube, you can choose to watch it in high quality.

We hope you all had a fun Halloween!

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Looks like so much fun! I LOVE Si's costume. Good work crafty Mama!