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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ugh Bug

Silas appears to have a stomach bug--the kind with forceful expulsion from both ends. We sort of lost count of how many times he's puked but it's around 10, beginning at 5 pm yesterday. You know it's bad when you hear your son crying from bed and he's laying there drenched in his own vomit. Poor, poor baby. But he is a trooper. When he's not heaving, he's in fairly good spirits most of the time, and we have to keep him from overdoing it with his usual high energy activities. At the same time, he's visibly tired. Obviously, none of us got a lot of sleep, and I'm home from work today to help care for him.

We've been able to keep breastmilk and water down for several hours at a stretch (sometimes), but Pedialyte always brings on an upchuck. He won't even touch his beloved Os and banana. Still, I think he's better today then he was last night, so hopefully, he'll be better soon. We are worried, of course, but are hoping to avoid a trip to the doctor as long as we can keep him hydrated. Will keep you updated...

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Oh no! We hope you feel better soon! Love, A, J, and D