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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's the simple things in life

Since moving to WA, our family has been without a very basic and essential household item--a table we can all sit and eat at. We never felt we had room for one given the design of our house. Drew and I got in the habit of eating dinner on the couch. Now that Silas is eating "real" food, however, we feel it's important to eat together as a family as much as impossible, and the small counter we were crowding around just wasn't cutting it. So, we finally decided to do a bit of rearranging and we bought ourselves a great wooden table. We love it!
Here's Master Silas sitting at the head of the table:
We also got a new hook-on high chair for Silas, so as you can see, he is seated right at the table with us now. For several months, he's had the unfortunate habit of kicking and shaking his other high chair. This included shaking the high chair until it rocked and when we added the table to the mix, kicking it away from himself. So the change in chairs was necessary both for his safety and our sanity.
Another simple thing in life that we are not taking for granted today: Our boy is eating well again! It is SUCH a relief! Today, he had rice and an entire avocado for lunch. And as you can see, he's able to eat peas again, which makes him very happy.
He gets very playful and amusing at mealtimes:
He loves this sorting drum but it wasn't a great idea to give it to him at the table, as he later threw it on the floor, and narrowly missed hitting our wi-fi modem. Oops!

I've made coasters (see pictures of them here) and will hopefully make place mats to accent our lovely table soon!

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