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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ugh Bug Update

Unfortunately, we didn't escape a trip to the pediatrician. I wanted to avoid taking him in because it's no fun to transport a child who might hurl at any moment. However, when he started to puke up bright yellow bile, we decided to call the doctor and just let her have her say. She confirmed that he has gastroenteritis and that we should just try to keep him hydrated, which we have been doing.

Also, to give my opinion on Pedialyte: Ah, it's not that great. Breast milk is WAY better at this point as it keeps him hydrated and provides antibodies to help him fight the virus. Also, breast milk doesn't generally have the immediate upchuck affect that Pedialyte has. Apparently, some babies respond better to it than Silas (and it's obviously the best solution for formula fed babes).

Soon after getting home from the doctor, Silas fell asleep (as did I). He's been napping for several hours--his second long nap of the day. He didn't even nap this much in February when he had that nasty cold and ear infection. So at least he's getting the rest he so badly needs. Let's hope he doesn't wake up vomiting again, yes?

On a different note, I've been wanting to get a video post together of all the signs Silas knows. I've got them filmed, but haven't done the editing yet, and that's on the back-burner for now. Maybe tomorrow, you'll be treated to a post that doesn't include the word "vomit" or its synonyms. We can hope!

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