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Monday, April 7, 2008

Fantasy of a Baby-Sized Helmet

I know the kid's gotta learn how to stay upright and move around without crashing into things. And I know he's bound to fall and hit various parts of his body before he accomplishes that. But seriously, did you know that you could get a bruise on top of another bruise? Silas proved that to us just yesterday. I'm not sure how well you can tell from the pictures, but he's sporting a 3 or 4 day-old yellow bruise on the upper right portion of his forehead. On top of that, he has a brand new red-purple bruise. There is a considerable lump there as well. Before he fell and produced the yellow bruise, there was a matching bruise on the opposite side.

Silas hits his head hard on something I would guess a minimum of twice a day, but it's only enough of a knock to his noggin to cause a bruise every now and then. I suppose he's just at the stage where this is to be expected. Still, I can't help but fantasize about him wearing a padded helmet to protect that precious head of his. Hopefully, he will outgrow this clumsiness, though Drew says he's probably inherited it from me. If that's the case, we better get him a bubble to live in :)

Oh, and I can't post this without including how we now deal with these bumps. The wonder cure is Arnica. We applied a hemp bump and bruise salve with Arnica to the new bruise yesterday and today, you can barely tell it was there!

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Poor sweet baby! They do make infant helmets, btw. Alden and Dave wear their bike hemets around the house to get Alden used to it so that they can take bike rides this summer. It's pretty funny coming home to the two of them!