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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Librarian Takes a Vacation

I'm all smiles cuz I'm off of work for the next 3 and a half weeks or so. Silas on the other hand, well, he's cutting his first molar, so he's a bit testy/clingy/weepy. I'm not forcing him to use that shovel, I swear! He happily carried it all around the yard and then burst out crying, right on cue for the picture. My first order of business, aside from hanging with my boys all day, was to finish the Schoolmarm Vest that I'm wearing. I have a lot more fun things planned, but some of it, the things that involve traveling places, will have to wait a bit. Today, our gear shift would not shift out of park, and our brake lights stopped working all together. Apparently, the two things are related. The good news: our car is still under warrenty. The bad news: It's a holiday weekend, so we can't bring it in until Monday. And back to the upside: It's a good excuse to stay home and get some work done in my long neglected garden.

But that's right, I'm on vacation, better make Silas work in the garden instead:
But I won't make him work too hard. He can enjoy the Radio Flyer we got for him last weekend at the Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction ($1.50 --that's what I call a deal!).
He loves it, but he's really almost too big for it already. And he doesn't really get that he should make it go by using his feet. He prefers that I push him, which is kind of a workout, given how low to the ground that thing is. I think pretty soon, we're going to have to buy him something with petals. For now, the radio flyer is a hit.
A note about Si's books, since Jessi commented that I always find good ones. Shucks, you are a dear, dear. Well, I catalog children's books for a school district for a living. I probably see over 100 books a day, on average, so I'm exposed to a lot of great titles. Probably 95% of the titles on Silas' book wish list and the books of the month are books I cataloged at some point over the past 5 years. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to build your kid's library, check out your local public library's book sale. Most of them have them from time to time. The money from the proceeds usually filters back to the libraries, and you can pick up a lot of the books they've discarded or that people have donated for next to nothing. I've found that some of these books are in pretty good shape, some are a little worse for wear, etc. You never know what you'll find, but it's always worth looking. And we take Silas to the library ALL of the time too, so we are never short on reading material.

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Thanks for the tips. I'll look to see if our library is having a sale soon. Have a lovely vacation! J, D, and A
PS. Cute vest!!