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Monday, July 28, 2008

Give Peace (and hemp milk) a Chance

Just wanted to share a picture of my most recent knitting project. I designed this tank top as part of Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Project. More pictures can be seen here and more info on Yoko's project is available here.

It was great to be off of work since July 3rd. Alas, I went back today. I was a little nervous about how Silas would do since I was with him so much for 3 1/2 weeks, but he did fine. This was also the first day he didn't have breastmilk while I was at work. Yep, after a year of pumping at work (twice a day till he turned a year and once a day since then), I've retired my pump. Silas has really taken to hemp milk, so that's what he drinks when I'm away. When I'm home, it's still nurse on demand. So far, this seems to be going well. It was strange to leave for work without my pump. I kept feeling like I'd forgotten something. And it was a bit sad not pumping as I'd always felt better being apart from him knowing that I was still providing milk for him. Still, the time has come, and the most important thing is that Silas is okay with it. Drew reports that he drank about 8 ounces of hemp milk, which is a good amount. I'm so glad we finally found a suitable milk for him that he actually likes!

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Nora Dalasta said...

I have never even heard of hemp milk! Reading this post today is really good timing for me because, as I've started to wean my son Dominic, I'm trying to figure out how to meet his nutritional needs without necessarily giving him cow's milk. Thanks for the inspiration to explore alternative milk sources! Silas is adorable and looks very happy, btw :)