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Monday, June 15, 2009

Way back to the Medieval Faire

I'm still a bit behind in my posting... The weekend before last, my friend Beth and I took Silas to the Medieval Faire in Port Gamble, which is in north Kitsap and is a tiny but lovely little town. The Faire was small compared to the Bristol Renaissance Fair I often went to back in Wisconsin, but it was fun none-the less.

Silas enjoyed seeing the warp-weighted loom:
And he got to try out Japanese Kumihimo:
Silas also liked the wood and metal working and the fencing. One of my favorite moments came when we saw two people dressed in thier period costumes sitting on a bale of hay, facing away from us. They were wearing racoon tails (real, I think?) which were trailing down behind them. Silas, quite earnestly, pointed to the man and exclaimed "He's sitting on his puppy!" Priceless.

Beth took a few pictures, including some of Silas and me. Maybe she'll post them on her blog sometime (hint, hint).

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