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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silas gets a new sandbox

There's nothing like playing in a sandbox on a sunny summer afternoon. Our cat claimed our old sandbox (aka: hole-in-the-ground) for his own purposes, but thanks to Grandma G, Silas now has a new one...with an attachable digger and most importantly, a lid.

Grandma got to watch Silas play in it:

The wobbly swing, which Silas can only ride on if a big person is holding him:
And this last picture was taken last Thursday at the the Monica's Waterfront Bakery & Cafe in Silverdale (the town I work in). This is my favorite lunch place in the area and it was great to have the family stop by my office and then take me out to lunch. Silas likes the books they keep upstairs.

We've got a few more activities planned for the remainder of Grandma's visit, so stay tuned.

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