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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Talks-A-Lot

Drew took these pics a few weeks ago. Today felt like a good day to post them.

I also wanted to mention, simply because I haven't talked about it at all lately, that Silas now speaks in complete sentences, pretty much all of the time. I guess that's not surprising, given the fact that he's now over two years old. People always say that such things seem to happen overnight. But I feel like this transition has been very gradual, from him occasionally completing a sentence, perhaps 4 months ago or so, to now, when he most often talks in complete sentences.
And the things that come out of that boy's mouth! In particular, he seems fond of the phrase "shall we..." "Shall we read a book?" "Shall we eat crackers?" And when at the zoo: "Shall we go find L?"

He must have picked this up from his Dad as the word shall isn't exactly in my daily vocab repertoire.

Silas just got up from his nap and is sitting right next to me. To give you an example of how he talks, he just said "Daddy's in studio to work on something. Washing machine's beeping. Not working still (it's been partially broken for a while). Daddy's in studio! Mommy's typing something. Kitty's just upstairs sleeping. To sleep in bed. Cuz mouse upstairs. Mouse doesn't have any mommy-milk. Mouse upstairs sleeping. Sobin's upstairs sleeping too. Kitty's sitting upstairs. Kitty's upstairs. Mommy-milk. " Uh-oh, that's my cue to go. :)

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