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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big swing on the old oak tree

Our little boy is growing up way too quickly. This swing, which is on the big Garry Oak outside our front door, is a favorite with the neighborhood kids. A few months ago, Silas would not have been able to safely sit on this swing by himself. It's very wobbly. But look at him now!
I'm FINE, Mommy... just swing me again!
That's better.
I was surprised by how high I was able to swing him without feeling like he was going to fall off at all. And of course, the refrain "again again, please!" was heard countless times. This swing promises endless hours of fun this summer (and fall, and winter and spring...)
What else have we been up to? I took some time off last week (spring break for the school district I work for). While I was off, we hung out, took walks, went to the local children's museum, had a play-date... And Silas watched me knit (but really, that's everyday :). Just happy domestic stuff to fill the spring days. Also, we are going to be doing more vegetable gardening this summer, including quite a bit of container gardening on our deck. So we started that whole process. I will devote another post to gardening later on.

This weekend, we hope to work outside some more, attend a baby shower, and have an Easter egg hunt for Silas. Busy busy busy!

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Randy and Nickie said...

You're really swinging up high, Silas. We can't wait to go swinging with you. Love you!
Grandma and Papa