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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hey Silas, whatcha hiding behind there?
Oh, it's your buddy, Malachi! I should have known. You guys are pretty tight these days, aren't you.
Okay, why don't you run along and play with Malachi while I talk to our Internet audience for a minute...

Malachi was a Christmas gift from Grandma G. Silas bonded with him almost immediately. I thought up the name Malachi and Silas originally just called him "Kai," but now he pronounces his whole name. "Malachi, diaper on! Malachi, face cream! Malachi, ride front!" are all common phrases. To explain the last two, we put lotion on Silas' face for some eczema (which you might have noticed on one of his cheeks in certain photos). Silas makes sure Malachi and the rest of his toys, along with mom and dad and the cat, all get their "face cream" too. He also likes for Malachi to ride with him on his bike or the rocking horse, and he'll tell me if he wants Malachi to "ride front" or "ride back" meaning if he wants me to stick the doll in front of him or in back. Yesterday, he wanted Malachi to ride on the back, so I stuck him into the back of Si's overalls and Si happily skipped around the house with him there for quite a while.

Silas also likes to take off Malachi's tiny shoes and try to put them on his own feet. When I hear him say "Boot on! Boot ON" I know I'm going to have to explain to him yet again that Malachi's shoes are much to small for Si's feet. It is undeniably funny watching him attempt to put on a pair of shoes that wouldn't have fit him even when he was a newborn :)

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chompers said...

I'm happy Malachi has a good home! He previously was living in a little Amish shop in Tomah, WI. It's very unusual that he has facial features. Granny G.