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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still co-sleeping, still loving it!

Drew took this picture one morning a while back before Silas and I woke up. He thought it was hilarious that we were both positioned nearly identically. I do not think it is hilarious that I am somehow lacking definition between a chin and a neck, but I decided to post it anyways, for one very important reason--I think it really conveys, in a very intimate manner, how important and lovely co-sleeping is to us.

I recently found a survey online regarding co-sleeping. The survey is meant to gather data from families who co-sleep (or have in the past) in order to try to dispel some of the negative attention co-sleeping receives in our society. Interestingly enough, the industry most responsible for promoting negative aspects of co-sleeping is (drum roll please) crib manufacturers. There's also a going theory that co-sleeping is unsafe and that it should even possibly be outlawed. How sad. But should such a law be passed, well, there's nothing like a little civil disobedience to keep a family strong.

There's nothing unsafe about healthy sober parents sleeping with their young ones. In fact, there's no safer place for a babe to sleep then in his mother's embrace. Most of the world feels the same and most of the world co-sleeps. I just don't get the controversy. I really don't.

If it works for you, you should co-sleep, no matter what your friends, relatives, or strangers on the street tell you. Your baby will thank you!

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