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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fear, thy name is...Lawnmower?

Silas is no fan of loud noises, so it's not a big surprise that he's afraid of the lawnmower. But like other things that he is afraid of because they are loud (the vacuum, the sheep), he is also strangely fascinated by the lawnmower. Here he is, standing at the window, whining softly with his lower lip pushed out and his eyes wide. As Shannon drives the mower near our house, he can't take his eyes off of it, no matter how scared he is.
I didn't capture the scaredy-face, unfortunately (it's pretty irresistible). Instead, he has his fingers lodged in his mouth to give him comfort and help ward off the coming doom as the mower circles ever closer to the house.

Meanwhile, one of us still has to walk Silas outside while the other vacuums.

But, we are making headway with the sheep. Until quite recently, Silas was, well, sheepish with the sheep. He was okay unless they started Baaing loudly. The suddenness of this was enough to send him over the edge. Now however, I'm happy to report that when they baa, instead of crying, Silas says "baa" back. In fact, he now seems to refer to the sheep as "baa." This, my friends, is progress. Perhaps when he can start imitating the lawnmower and vacuum, he will overcome those fears as well.

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Christine said...

Hey there Silas! Thanks for posting a comment to our little family blog and letting us know about your little family blog. I'm a midwife so I loved the birth story, the transfer sounds as good as they get, and the next one will be born at home! Three cheers for that cute mama-made giraffe sweater, my knitting is very neglected but my sewing machine is getting some use lately. Maybe some day we'll cross paths in person. Keep in touch.