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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Real" Food

Introducing new foods to babies, as most of you know, is a matter of trial and error. When we first started Silas on solids, I naively thought that I'd make all, or at least most of his food fresh. But after he repeatedly rejected anything that didn't come out of a jar (except bananas), I all but gave up. Food sent through the baby food mill, while perfectly pureed by adult standards, met with gags and tears. With the successful introduction of Breakfast O's, however I've now begun again to offer him other finger foods. In the picture, Silas is eating a piece of mango, which he actually does like, though you'd never know it from his expression. He's also eating cooked green beans, blueberries, brown rice and the occasional teething biscuit. He does not like cooked carrots, potato, or pears (unless they come out of a jar of course). And, unlike his buddy Alden, Avocados are a no-go. We'll try them again some time when we're feeling adventurous.

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