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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Books are not for eating

Silas LOVES books. He thinks they are an excellent source of fiber. We have to watch him pretty closely to make sure he doesn't take a big chunk out of whatever he's "reading." For this reason, we have to limit his access to books all together :( Since we still want to read to him everyday, we've developed a new technique wherein one parent holds Silas while the other holds the book--just out of reach. Tonight we read a book that Silas adores; Close Your Eyes by Kate Banks. He did cry a bit when we put it away, but otherwise did very well and really enjoyed it (we read it twice!). By the way, Silas is examining a very cool board book that Heather sent from Korea in the first two pictures. Thanks, Heather!

1 comment:

Randy and Nickie said...

Sure looks like he has a voracious appetite for books!