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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WI train trip windup

I think this may finally be the last post about our trip to WI last month. Our train left over an hour late, so the first 3 pictures show Grandma and Papa hanging out at the station, entertaining Silas, who was delighted to spend the extra time with them. Next up, the long awaited picture of Alden and Silas, together at last, in case you didn't head over to Alden's Story for the pictures that Jessi posted there. What a cutie that Alden is! Finally, for all of you non-Wisconsinites, here's a typical winter scene, taken from Grandma and Papa's front porch. We were very excited to have a good snowfall while we were visiting.

That about covers our trip--family, friends, and snow. We miss everyone in Wisconsin and hope to see you all soon! Come out and see us if you can. We're already looking forward to Grandma and Papa's next trip to Washington, which is scheduled for the beginning of May. Silas will be so happy to see them!

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