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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Attachment Parenting

Many of you know that we practice attachment parenting with Silas. A few of you (though you may not say anything) may think we're nuts for carrying Silas rather than using a stroller, and for having him in bed with us at night (known as co-sleeping or family bed).

Here's an article which explains why carrying the baby in a sling or carrier will help create a secure child:
Carrying Baby

Here are some facts supporting co-sleeping:
Sleeping with Baby

And finally, a link to:
Attachment Parenting International

We understand that all parents have the right to make their own parenting choices, and we are very happy with ours. I must add that Silas NEVER cries at night, unless he's woken up from a bad dream, which is very rare. There is no need for him to cry, since I'm right there with him--much less stressful for all of us! We love family bed!

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