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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 months old! --the breakfast O challenge

Si is 10 months old today. Wow! So much is happening for this little guy, perhaps the most notable of which is that he's now eating hard cereal. We've wanted to start him on something like this for a while but were faced with the challenge of finding an organic wheat-free O-shaped cereal that didn't have added sugar. Not an easy task! Finally we discovered Barbara's Breakfast Os and Silas loves them! This is the first time he's fed himself, and although more than a few fall to the floor, he is improving every day. We hope to introduce more finger foods soon.

Silas is also kinda-sorta crawling. He can get around now, though he's still rather clumsy and slow.

And then there's the teething. Silas still only has 4 teeth. He hasn't had any new teeth in 3 months. He goes through spurts where his gums really seem to bother him. He's been up nursing way more than usual the last 4 nights or so and I suspect this is because his mouth is sore. Unfortunately, I can't feel any additional teeth when I massage his gums, but they are definitely swollen. Keep your fingers crossed and let's hope he's cut a few more before he turns 11 months!

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Randy and Nickie said...

What a good idea to have a slide show right on your blog! Love the picture selections. And the top high chair pic is great. Happy 10-month birthday, Silas!