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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Head: Silas and mom survey the damage from our recent storm while dad snaps a few pictures. Our road was completely flooded during the storm but mom's car managed to traverse several feet of gushing water on Monday to make it home safely. And it wasn't just our road. In Silverdale, where mom works, many streets and parking lots were completely flooded. Salmon actually swam across the main thoroughfare, Silverdale Way, when their stream flooded!

: Rides on dad's and mom's shoulders are a new experience for Silas. He loves being up that high and also enjoys the opportunity to get in some good hair pulling.

Knees: Silas isn't crawling yet, but he REALLY wants to. He lunges forward from a sitting position onto all fours, then promptly flops over. It is frustrating to him that he is so intellectually ready to explore, but isn't quite physically capable. The more he practices though, the closer he gets (mind you, mom and dad really aren't complaining that he still isn't too mobile). As you can see from the picture, he really can balance on those knees nicely.

Toes: Post-bath is a perfect time to play with those toes! Actually, bath time is a great time to play with them too. Silas loves to grab onto both toes while in his bath chair, and then throw them both down into the water and splash. Mom is often just about as wet as Silas is by the end of the bath!

That's our boy, from head to toe!

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Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

I am SO glad that you made it home safely! Silas is adorable. I love your hats! I want the pattern for your cute hat. See you soon! Love, Jaaaay