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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, November 26, 2007

Art Museum, etc.

What have we been up to this past weekend? Well, we hung out as a family quite a bit, did the usual: eat, play with the baby, do laundry, sleep, repeat. On Sunday, we had a big outing. We took Silas to the Seattle Art Museum. While mom and dad tend to prefer the more abstract pieces, Silas gravitated towards the more representative images. He particularly liked a horsy sculpture and an Egyptian cat head. He also enjoyed bouncing up and down and vocalizing about how much fun he was having. We look forward to bringing Silas back to the art museum in the years to come.

Silas got to try out the new hat mom whipped up for him on Sunday as well. Mom has lost track of how many hats she's made for him (around 7 maybe?) and she's going to make yet another one this week to match a sweater she finished over the summer. Well, you can never have too many hand-made hats, especially if you're a baby with a fast growing noggin!

Also included in this assortment of images: a picture of Si
wearing, yes you guessed it, another one of mom's creations. Mom's got more images of this sweater on Flickr, Ravelry, and soon she'll post more on her knitbook blog, in case you're interested. And, in case you are reading this from WI and you'd like to see Silas wearing this sweater in person, never fear: we'll be packing this one for the trip, for sure.

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