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Thursday, November 15, 2007

8 mo's old--new achievements, teeth, & rashes

Silas turns 8 months old tomorrow! Here's the low-down.

First up: New achievements. He continues to improve his sitting up skills, as you've probably noticed in recent pictures. That's great, but the big news is that this evening, for the very first time, Silas pulled himself up from a seated position to standing by holding onto the guard rail on the bed--no help from mom and dad! Wow, were we impressed! Note: he still can't pull himself up to a seated position when he is laying down, no matter how hard he tries. Such is life. Overall, he is a lot more animated and able to scoot and pull and move himself around. He also likes to pull himself into mom's arms and cling to her, much to mom's delight!

Second: Teeth. He now has all 4 front chompers. The upper right tooth just broke through a few days ago. Let's hope we get a slight respite before he cuts anymore.

And finally: the rash. We noticing a rash all over Silas' back a few weeks ago. When it hadn't gone away in a week and a half, we called the Doc's office. We brought him in this Tuesday and she diagnosed the rash as eczema. Some infants are prone to it and he'll probably grow out of it eventually. It does seem to itch him sometimes, but luckily, he can't really reach his back to scratch it. We think he may have had a reaction to the foam mattress topper we had on the bed (which has since been removed). It was causing him to overheat at night and his back would become sweaty. Now that we know the rash is eczema and not heat rash, we know how to treat it. Mom's giving him nightly oatmeal baths and both mom and dad slather vitamin E cream all over his back several times a day. It's already looking better!

One more Planet Silas factoid to end this posting: at the Doctor's, Si weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces.

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