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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Olive goes to school

Today was Pet Day at Silas' school. Before Olive entered our lives, I never would have thought about participating in such a thing. Sobin, my dear, dear kitty, is vicious and unpredictable when put into circumstances in which he is unfamiliar. He has to be sedated before vets will treat him. It is that bad. But Olive is mild mannered, in comparison, and I thought she might do nicely. Silas was so excited that Olive would get to see his school.

It turns out, we were the only ones crazy enough to bring a cat to Pet Day. Olive was momentarily adventurous (or perhaps was just looking for a means to escape)...
...before sequestering herself in the corner, where she stayed until I loaded her up in the carrier to bring her back home.
She did, however, let the children come up to her, say hello, and pet her. No children were bitten or scratched and they all seemed genuinely interested in her. So, all in all, a successful outing for kitty.

Silas got to tell his teacher and some of his friends all about Olive:

And it just so happens that Silas is Person of the Week this week:

My favorite response is the last one "When I grow up, I'll help Dad clean his yoga studio." Perhaps I can convince him to add "I'll weed the garden for mom" to the list.

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