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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keep em' coming

Still trying to finish up Wisconsin posts...
Grandma G and Si:
I call this the trip, since a lot of time was spent teaching Silas about his family tree:

Silas, pretending he is one of Uncle Steve's dogs:

And...hanging out at Grandma and Merlin's house:

Art project time. "I have clown hands!"
Finally (for this post anyways), Alden and Silas were reunited, and enjoyed a game of fishing.
Moms and babes:
And that's were I'll leave it this time...

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Jessi said...

Amber - I just saw this post! I'm sick at home, so have time to catch up on such things. Love the pics! We miss you a lot. I would say, at least once a week, Alden says, "When can we take a plane and a car and a boat and go see Silas again? I MISS Silas! I WANT to see him!"