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Monday, March 21, 2011

Party in the park

It was windy, and could have been a tad warmer, but... it didn't rain! And, I think, a good time was had by all.

Above: pre-party set-up.

Craft time: Barb made bags for the kids to paint...

They turned out beautifully! Silas' is on the right:

Another big hit was the fishing game. I made origami sea creatures as prizes, and the kids took turns "fishing" for them.

We let them go again and again until all the sea creatures had been claimed. Several of the kids took turns helping Patrick behind the ocean/scenes put the prizes on the hook/paper clip.

After that game, it was time to play pin-the-fin-on-the-shark. It's a good think I knit 3 little fish as prizes because we had a 3-way tie!

Cupcake time! We sang Happy Birthday, but it was too windy to keep the candles lit, so I suggested he pretend to blow them out, and Silas obliged.


Towards the end of the party, the sun came out and it warmed up:

What's a party in the park without time spent on the playground?

Some of our party-goers stuck around afterwards, and the party continued. I think Silas and his friend, O must have spent 20+ minutes in those swings.

Silas was so wobbly after finally getting out of his swing, that he walked right into another swing (in mid swing) before we could stop him. Party hard, Silas!

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Randy and Nickie said...

Glad the party was a success! Silas can tell us all about it on Friday.