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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Silas!

Are you ready for a lot of birthday pictures? Okay, here goes...
Above (actually the last picture of the day, just before the bed), Silas poses with the sea creatures I made for him, plus Sherman the worm, of course.

Yesterday, just before leaving for school, Silas poses with his class birthday treat:

I took the day off of work, made 2 dozen donuts, and spent the morning in Silas' preschool class playing with the kids and celebrating Silas' birthday with his class.

He got to open one of his presents a day early...Woo-hoo, a hermit crab!

Thanks Patrick! Silas loves playing the chef at his cafe, which he named The Rusty Marshmallow (he says his first restaurant, Stinky Pie Cafe, closed, but The Rusty Marshmallow is doing well, I am told):

Opening presents from Mom and Dad:

Present for mom: My boys met me at work and we went out for lunch:

And Silas got to open his present from Barb:

She made him this fabulous quilt! Wow!

My cuddly birthday boy and me:

But wait, there's more! Or, there will be. He's having a birthday party this Sunday.
It's outside.
In March.
In the Pacific Northwest.
Several nights this week, I woke up and listened to the sound of rain hitting the roof and wondered what we were possibly thinking to plan a park party. We are taking a big gamble but currently the weather reports are somewhat promising. Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Lil mama Karen said...

Happy Birthday Silas.
Looks like you had an amazing day. You are so lucky to have a mama that can make you such wonderful gifts and dough nuts.
Have fun at the park. Rain or shine it will be fun =]