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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tall buildings and flannel shirts

Yesterday it became blatently obvious that we have not exposed Silas to the city enough. We went over to Seattle to attend a friend's party. It's been ages since both Silas and I went over. As we were driving through the city streets, lit up by Christmas lights, Silas appeared in awe.

"Look at all of the tall buildings. Look at that (a row of trees sparkling with Christmas cheer). It's BEAUTIFUL! Look at all of this stuff. I LOVE the city."

And then finally, came this statement: "There's more than just trees here!"

You would think we were raising him on a homestead half a day's carriage ride from the nearest town. But still, we could bring him to the city a bit more often. It would do us all some good. We promised to go back during the holiday break to Winterfest at City Center (that's the space needle, for all of you non-Washingtonians).

This morning, he was still talking about his trip to the "big" city. "The tall building all look like flannel shirts" he told me. Considering the city in question, this seems pretty fitting.

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