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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, staring Silas

I thought I'd better get these posted... Above and below: bright-eyed and ready to go! Silas waited patiently for Drew to go let the neighbor's dog out before opening his presents. In order to deal with the suspense, we opened Olive's present, a bouncy ball, which Silas is about to throw in this picture:
And we must not forget the stockings! I am going to have to reinforce the yarn loop on his stocking. Sticking an orange at the bottom each year is taking it's tole.
We played with Busytown all morning (and the next day, and today). Santa made a good choice! (note the lower part of the tree is short on decorations. You can thank the cat for that.)
These next pictures are for Grandma G in particular. This is the new outfit she sent, and yes, Grandma, those are the space-themed rain boots you got for him for Christmas. He loves them!
Lumberjack. All that's missing is the axe:
I hope everyone had a holiday as lovely as ours. On Sunday, we had an open house, which brought just under 30 friends and neighbors through our doorway.

I think I'm ready to swear off sugar for a long, long while.


Randy and Nickie said...

@Love the boots and love the busy boy playing "busy town".

grandma g said...

I'm so glad that everything fits!!!Oh my, 30 people? Two friends are coming New Year's to watch the Badgers play in the Rose Bowl. Joshua set up a new account in order to save this computer from crashing. Love & Kisses, Grandma G.