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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grand Forest

We have been taking advantage of nice weather and hiking up in the Grand Forest a lot lately.
Our cat often walks with us for the first 15 minutes or so. He takes off when we get to a house occupied by horses and barking dogs.

This is the easement into the forest. Privately owned land is on either side of the path, and it's the only way into the park from our neighborhood.
Up in the park...I usually let Silas decide which way we'll go.
We twist and wind our way through the trees.
The forest is big enough that we usually only cover part of it while we're up there.
Finally, on the way back down, we meet a sunny path:
I will miss living in walking distance from such an awesome place, although there will be plenty of new places to explore around our new home. And I'm sure we'll be back to visit. It will be only 15 minutes away, after all :)


cat said...

oh i miss forests like that!! so many hours spent exploring and hiking through trails and huge trees...

thanks so much for sharing it!


Grandma G said...

Such absolutely beautiful pictures! I must remember to bring my walking stick with me this Fall when we visit! Love, Grandma g.