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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best. Muffins. Ever. (and the bears like them too)

A while ago, I catalogued a kid's cooking book at work that included a recipe for peanut butter and jelly muffins. I thought they sounded interesting and made a mental note to try them sometime. This past Monday was a work holiday, and Drew and I had the same idea for breakfast: Muffins.

I googled PB & J muffins and went with the first recipe on the list. They did not disappoint. The peanut butter is mixed in with the batter. Half the batter is put into the cups, followed by a teaspoon of jelly and another heaping of the batter. Eaten fresh from the oven: warm, jelly-filled goodness.
Silas invited the three bears to join us for a teddy bear breakfast picnic. They gave the paws up to the muffins too.

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Randy and Nickie said...

Benedict said to tell Silas that these muffins sound "yummy" and he can't wait to taste them. Maybe Grandma will have to try making them!