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Friday, January 29, 2010

A wee fashion adjustment

The cat: still more tolerant of Silas than he is of the rest of the world.
I have been wanting to cut Silas' bangs for a long time, but was always outvoted when I brought up the suggestion: Drew wanted to grow them out to match the rest of his hair and Silas simply wanted to be resistant. So I relented. Let them grow. Fine.

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work a few days ago and discovered that Drew had cut them himself that morning. Tired of hair hanging in his eyes all of the time, Drew had convinced Silas to sit still long enough to make the cut, something I had failed repeatedly to do. I am a fan of the bangs, I must say. They are the only part of his hair that we have ever cut, so, other than the bangs, that's how nearly three years of growth looks on him.

I still find myself reflexively reaching across his forehead to brush the hair out of his eyes, even though this is no longer necessary. And, with three paragraphs devoted to my son's hair, I think it's time to wrap up this post.

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