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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our own corner of the Hundred Acre Wood

Hello, my name is Silas and I will be your tour guide.
A while back, Drew spotted this Pooh Bear on display at our local bookstore. He asked what they were going to do with it after it was no longer on display, and the clerk said she would let us know. Months passed, and finally, yesterday, we got the call. Pooh Bear was ours if we wanted him! Drew went off to retrieve him and I told Silas he was getting us a surprise. "Wow" Silas said when he saw it, "I love the surprise!"

We couldn't resist putting it by our Christmas tree, which was in the process of being de-Christmastised. Our own little corner of the Hundred Acre Wood :)

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Grandma G said...

Wow! I think this measures up to those three R's Silas told his Uncle Jeff about--Recycle; Reduce; and Reuse? What a great home for Winnie. Love, Grandma G.