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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks...and the House that Si Built

Just one image to share from thanksgiving...
Silas and I have spent a lot of time lately building houses out of blocks. Mainly, we work together, or as is often the case, he asks me to build a house for one of his little animal figurines, and I do so, with his input and additions. But the block house in this picture was built all by Silas with no help from anyone. He was very proud and wanted to share it with you, dear blog readers.

Thanksgiving was spent cooking (and eating of course), and on Friday we had several lovely social engagements. The rest of the weekend should be nice and quiet. Who knows, I may just update this blog again, or perhaps attend to my much neglected knitting blog...One thing that I'm hoping to still get to is Silas' List of Thankfulness 09. We did a list last year, meaning to start a tradition and well, I sort of forgot about it this year. It's not too late, right?

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