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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Farm Boy

Silas helped me dig up the rest of the potatoes today. We also picked some beans. Both the beans and the potatoes went right into the potato and kale soup Drew cooked up for dinner. As you can see, Silas likes to help in the garden, loves to wear his gardening gloves (he has several pairs, in fact), and is not afraid to get covered in dirt. In fact, he spent a long time laying flat on the ground, patting the soil and exclaiming "I'm a mason!" (that would be the bricklaying-type of masons, not the Freemasons, with whom, as far as he's told us, he has no affiliation).

He is also very fixated on the fact that the quinces are now ripe. I'm not sure why, because it's not the sort of fruit you pick and eat right off of the tree. They are something you bake with or make jam with, but eating a raw quince is like eating chalk. Still, he wants to keep picking them. Perhaps the mere fact that so many of them are at "Silas-height" is enough to tempt him. Or perhaps he's hoping I'll make another Asian pear (yep, those are ripe now too) and quince crisp :)


Lil mama Karen said...

I have always been a city girl but I have always liked to hear about peoples adventure on a farm. With you little one about the same age as mine I get to think about what he would be doing on the farm.
Do you live on a large farm? Is there more crops than animals?
The closest I get to a farm is my 5X14 garden which looks very sad right now.

Amber said...

It's just 2 acres and it actually belongs to my land-lady. But we have 4 sheep, lots of fruit trees and berries, a small greenhouse, and room to garden. If I had more time and energy, I'd grow a lot more food! I grew up in the city too and this is the first time I've ever lived anywhere with land and trees around me. It's nice, though we sometimes miss city living just a bit :)