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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer's here, and a garden update

Here's Silas, ready to go to the park this morning (third day in a row, lucky boy!). He's holding onto his "saw," which he uses to cut wood. I was overjoyed when he choose something as benign as a foam gardening knee pad as a pretend saw. He can pretty much saw whatever he likes without us having to worry he'll do harm to himself or others.

In front of Shannon and Patrick's house. The clematis is in full bloom!

And here's your garden update: So far so good! All the seeds have sprouted and we'll have to thin them out very soon. The peas are flowering already!

Next two pictures are of the front of the house. We cleared an invasive plant, periwinkle, and have been transplanting mostly native plants. Looks so much better!

We'll be building a trellis here soon for the kiwi vines I planted a while back:
We're looking forward to Grandma and Papa seeing our garden in person. They arrive on Tuesday!

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