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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been meaning to do more editing work (such as removing the trees sticking out of heads in the pics above, which are otherwise very nice images), but I just don't spend very much time on the computer these days. It's much more pleasant to be outside. So, you're getting these pics from Grandma and Papa's visit edit-free. Better than me not posting at all, I guess!

The above two and this one below are from Point-no-Point beach.
Silas slices some carrots as Papa looks on:
Goofing around on the deck:
Look, Silas got a new bike! It's a balance bike (no pedals) and he loves it, but he still has some growing to do before he can use it properly. I think within a few months, he'll be a pro! He loves his helmet too and likes to wear it around the house! Safety first! I'm glad this bike arrived while my parents were here so they could see him ride it for the first time.
Finally, there's the three of them eating lunch on the deck. We generally eat lunch and dinner outside now (it's still a bit chilly at breakfast time).

I'll have a few more of Grandma, Papa, and Silas doing a bit of gardening, plus a gardening update, when time permits.

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